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Master AI-Assisted Copywriting

Aggressively Practical

Most online training is designed to wow you with a large quantity of superficial information that you'll never have a chance to complete and evaluate results.

My training is designed to break complex goals into aggressively practical steps. You will ALWAYS know EXACTLY what you need to do next, and IF you follow through, you'll know whether or not it actually worked for you.

Results Focused

The goal of most online training is to tell you what you want to hear, turn you into a loyal fan of the brand, and upsell you a never-ending buffet of training.

The goal of my training is to help achieve defined, measurable goals, and grow to the point where my brand is just a small footnote in your journey. If you do the work and reach out whenever you're stuck, you'll get the results.

Market Tested

Most online training is created by fulltime content creators who have no real experience in the market and have never actually generated notable profit from the business models they teach.

I ONLY create training around skills and objectives where I have established a proven, repeatable track record, and even then, I pay very close attention to students results to ensure that MY method works for YOU as well as it worked for me.

The Future of Copywriting Belongs To The Cyborgs

Learn the hybrid “cyborg” writing model that leading copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs are using to write better, faster, and more profitably than ever before.

Master AI-Assisted Writing

Your Freelance Business Won't Build Itself On Writing Alone

Learn how to create in-demand copywriting deliverables, run an effective freelance business, land new clients on-demand, and become a sought-after authority in your niche.

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